Reflections on an inspection

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I ended my last blog post, ‘How are you judged’ – where I looked at the judgement teachers receive against that of Wayne Rooney, with the following 3 questions:

  • How are you judged?
  • Who judges you (that you value? [Also if children aren’t part of your answer, give up teaching, please!]
  • Do you recognise any underperformance in yourself and what do you do about it?

This post was prompted by an I.S.I inspection team arriving at my school last week and I was delighted that it received support and plaudits from colleagues, especially mrcjbolton who wrote along similar lines (click here) in relation to Ofsted. Though I admit there was more articulation and thought in his post related to greater research of facts and quotes, whereas mine was a response piece and I think it’s well worth a read.

So, before I look at the inspection itself –…

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