Factory-farmed teachers will fail our children

Excellent summary! “In the absence of experience, prescription has become a necessity to ensure quality: this can range from being told what to put on displays through to curriculum and pedagogy.” is a particular ‘truth’ I know of!

Reclaiming Schools


The crisis in teacher supply and qualifications is currently raising eyebrows, as MPs learn about the limited training for new teachers. The Education Select Committee heard that new primary teachers might have had just three hours in PE or Technology.

Over half of current trainees are now going through fast-track routes, and the White Paper even proposes to abolish Qualified Teacher Status. The UCU has called a lobby of MPs on Monday 13 June by members involved in teacher training across England.

It is a good moment to republish this stirring article by Jane Manzone, a North London primary teacher.

Factory-farmed teachers will fail our children

The new-look training courses are trying to turn out fully-formed teachers in a matter of weeks, when what they need is time to think and support as they develop. We can’t dismiss the great educational thinkers of the past.

The increased focus on competition in education has produced a conveyor belt…

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