Initial Response- Becoming Somebody Different

An initial response to our Drama Education conference- becoming somebody different. Looking forward to the conference paper.

Drama mtl

Becoming Somebody Different- Drama in Education Conference

An Initial Response

Recently I was fortunate enough to visit colleagues in Budapest where we were beginning to discuss an application to Erasmus+. This EU funded project, in collaboration with colleagues from Greece, Italy, Ireland and Hungary, is going to explore the role of drama in creating democratic spaces for meaning-making and how we engage people from diverse backgrounds. It was a harmonious meeting coupled with lively debate. It was clear that we all valued the role of drama and its importance for young people in education; whether that be through giving them a voice or by using drama to engage. Following my return, the country was changed by the referendum result. Suddenly, I was aware that I had become somebody different. This sense of ‘becoming’ is constant.

What words can be used to describe the impact of Brexit? What is the future…

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